Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Audio & Video Applications for Windows based Systems

From time to time, I get asked by family members, colleagues and friends what Windows-based audio and video apps that I would recommend to them. Here's that list of my favorite Windows audio and video apps:
  • Using KickYouTube to download YouTube videos An extremely simple and elegant way to download YouTube videos without the hassle of extra software.

  • Recording/Capturing Real Video and Real Audio streams Very useful to download Real audio or Real video streams. You need to have the Real Player installed (see below).

  • Ad-Free version of Real Player Available only on the BBC website. Very useful if you're tired of the ad-laden version on Real's website. This is ad-free version was specially customized for the BBC.

  • Free online file conversion across different platforms without the hassle of extra software.

  • Super Simply the best converter for Windows platform out there. Can convert just about any format that I throw to it. Most highly recommended.

  • DVD43 Decrypts DVDs on the fly to allow for the re-encoding into alternative formats for iPod, etc using Handbrake (see below).

  • Handbrake: An open-source GPL licensed multiplatform multithreaded DVD to mp4 converter. This is simply the best application out there to convert dvd movies to iPod videos. Most highly recommended.

  • Comprehensive and definitive DVD-backup and video-editing resources site for Windows-based systems. Here you'll find audio and video editing apps, ripping tools, codecs, encoders, filters, media players, subtitle editors, VOB tools, etc. Most highly recommended.

  • Audacity: The best multiplatform (Windows, Linux, etc) open-source software to create podcasts, etc. for your lectures, presentations, etc. Most highly recommended.

  • Making Computer Videos (excellent tutorials and guides).
These are the Windows audio and video apps that I personally use.

Do you have any recommendations that I could add to this list?


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog I have added your link in my blogroll!

  2. Thanks i found Dvd43 i handly tool :)