Monday, June 15, 2009

FTP Options in Ubuntu

Last Friday, I discussed the various FTP options in Microsoft Windows XP. In today's blog post, I will explore the various FTP options in Ubuntu Linux.

Here are three recommended FTP options in Ubuntu Linux.

Option #1:
If you are a refugee from Windows and have used Filezilla, Canonical has helpfully provided a port of Filezilla for Ubuntu. You can easily install Filezilla in Ubuntu using the Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager). Type "Filezilla" in Synaptic Package Manager's search box and you're on your way.

Option #2:
If you use Firefox as your browser, I would strongly recommend the Firefox add-on FireFTP, which is a cross-platform add-on for Firefox browser that works in Firefox for Ubuntu.

Option #3:
You can also access FTP via Samba in Ubuntu (Places > Connect to Server). Click on "Places" and "Connect to Server." This opens up a "Connect to Server" Dialogue Box. There are seven possible service types:
  • SSH,
  • FTP (with login)
  • Public FTP
  • Windows Share
  • WebDAV (HTTP)
  • Secure WebDAV (HTTPS), and
  • Custom Location.
Choose either FTP (with login) or Public FTP, as appropriate. You can also create a bookmark for easy access.

Once you have logged in, your FTP is accessible as a folder in Ubuntu, with full copy, drag and drop capabilities.

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