Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TweetDeck v.0.26 is released!

Yesterday, I updated the TweetDeck client on my Ubuntu and WinXP systems to version 0.26. If you are a TweetDeck user, this is one upgrade you should install as soon as possible.

If you haven't tried TweetDeck, perhaps now you might want to give it a try. In my opinion, TweetDeck is the best desktop Twitter client out there for the power twitterer. TweetDeck is a multiplatform Twitter client that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and now iPhone. It requires Adobe AIR to run.

What's new in TweetDeck is support for multiple user accounts. I have two Twitter accounts (@ProfessorJTan and @Techruminations) that I am now able to display and track simultaneously. TweetDeck 0.26 accomplishes this by creating a new account on TweetDeck's own servers. This means that you have to register with a valid e-mail and password, which you would use to log into TweetDeck. Once logged in, you can add as many Twitter accounts you have. I especially like how TweetDeck allows you to create customized groups to track conversations.

Also new to TweetDeck is an improved interface that allows you to post to selected or all your Twitter accounts plus your Facebook account. You can also log into Facebook and update your Facebook status using TweetDeck.

If you are using Ubuntu, here is my previous blog posting on how to install Adobe AIR and TweetDeck in Ubuntu.

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