Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Useful Resources for Ubuntu/Linux Users #02

Today's roundup of useful resources for Ubuntu/Linux users:
  • 10 Mistakes New Linux Administrators Make (TechRepublic.com)
    "If you’re new to Linux, a few common mistakes are likely to get you into trouble. Learn about them up front so you can avoid major problems as you become increasingly Linux-savvy."
  • Linux Tools (SearchEnterpriseLinux.com)
    "The Linux Tools guide provides resources and tips for implementing the most important tools for each category of the Linux operating system: application server administration, network, scripting, mozilla, security, management, and the desktop."
  • Control your bandwidth with Trickle (TuxRadar.com)
    "With Trickle you can control the upload and download speeds for applications such that no single application hogs all the bandwidth. This gives you the power to ensure that downloads from Firefox don't interfere with your attempts to download a file through FTP."
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for Running Android Apps in Ubuntu (Softpedia.com)
    "The following tutorial was created especially for those of you who want to test the Android platform and install various applications, on the popular Ubuntu operating system."

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