Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Resources for Mastering the Linux Command Line

Today's roundup of resources for mastering the Linux command line:
  • The 10 Most Useful Linux Commands (TechRepublic)
    "Maybe the command line isn’t your favorite place to hang out, but to be an effective Linux admin, you need to be able to wield a few essential commands. Jack Wallen says these 10 are guaranteed to simplify your Linux admin life — and he explains why."
  • 20 great Linux/Unix terminal commands (command line) (Web Upd8)

  • Top 20 Most Used Linux Commands (

  • Top 50 Linux Command Line Tools (
    "There are so many Linux commands it would be difficult to know which ones you should focus on to start with. To help you get a little more comfortable with the jargon of the Linux CL, and concepts behind it, we asked Ken Milberg to give us a list of the most useful Linux utilities and programs that can be executed from the command line. This list is not meant to include each and every command under the sun, so we've provided a sidebar of links to guide you to more exhaustive resources."

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