Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roundup: All About Video Conversion/Decrypting Apps & Players

Roundup: All about video conversion, ripping, decrypting apps, codecs and players:
  1. Digital Video Formats and Video Conversion Explained (Confused by technical jargon such as containers, codecs, bitrate, etc., or by the various conversion techniques? Then this article is for you.)

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Audio/Video Files in Linux

  3. 5 Easy-to-Use Freeware Video Converters (NB: My favorite in this list is Super, which, in my opinion, is simply the best converter for Windows platform out there. Can convert just about any format that I throw to it. Most highly recommended.)

  4. 10 Great Apps To Convert Audio & Video Files in Linux

  5. How To Convert Any Video File Format Under Linux

  6. Using KickYouTube to download YouTube videos An extremely simple and elegant way to download YouTube videos without the hassle of extra software.

  7. Recording/Capturing Real Video and Real Audio streams in Windows Very useful to download Real audio or Real video streams. You need to have the Real Player installed (see below).

  8. Ad-Free version of Real Player for Windows Available only on the BBC website. Very useful if you're tired of the ad-laden version on Real's website. This is ad-free version was specially customized for the BBC.

  9. Free online file conversion across different platforms without the hassle of extra software.

  10. DVD43 Decrypts DVDs on the fly to allow for the re-encoding into alternative formats for iPod, etc using Handbrake (see below).

  11. Handbrake: An open-source GPL licensed multiplatform multithreaded DVD to mp4 converter. This is simply the best application out there to convert dvd movies to iPod videos. Most highly recommended.

  12. Comprehensive and definitive DVD-backup and video-editing resources site for Windows-based systems. Here you'll find audio and video editing apps, ripping tools, codecs, encoders, filters, media players, subtitle editors, VOB tools, etc. Most highly recommended.

  13. Audacity: The best multiplatform (Windows, Linux, etc) open-source software to create podcasts, etc. for your lectures, presentations, etc. Most highly recommended.

  14. Making Computer Videos (excellent tutorials and guides).

  15. Lifehacker's List of Five Best Video Players

  16. SMPlayer Media Player For Linux/Ubuntu/Windows

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