Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to configure Firefox 3.5's Awesome Bar to do a regular Google search

Do you know that you can perform a standard Google search from Firefox's revamped URL Address bar (aka "Awesome Bar")? By default, Firefox's Awesome Bar does a "I'm Feeling Lucky" search on Google, which in my case, usually brings up irrelevant searches. Here's how you can force the Awesome Bar to do a standard Google Search:
  • Type the following in your Awesome Bar:
  • Get past the "friendly" Warning ("This might void your warranty") Screen by clicking the "I'll be careful" button.

  • In the filter box, type:
  • Right click the keyword.URL value and select the "Modify" option

  • Replace the existing URL by copying and pasting the following URL:
  • Click OK and you're done.
Now, each time you type a search term in your Firefox's Awesome Bar, it'll default to the standard Google Search.

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  1. Do you know if this still works with the newer versions of Firefox?