Monday, August 24, 2009

Everything You Wanted to Know About Installing, Tweaking & Using Ubuntu

Everything you wanted to know about installing, tweaking & using Ubuntu:

(1) Getting Started

(2) Guides for Beginners

    (3) Ubuntu 11.04

    (4) Ubuntu 10.10

    (5) Older Versions of Ubuntu
    Running an older version of Ubuntu? Here are the links to resources that are specific to specific versions:
    (6) Configuring & Tweaking Ubuntu

    (7) Firefox

    (8) Security

    (9) E-Mail

    (10) Multimedia

    (11) How to configure Ubuntu desktop effects/eye candy

    (12) Working with PDFs & JPGs in Ubuntu

    (13) How to troubleshoot sound problems in Ubuntu

    (14) How to Configure Ubuntu to Run Microsoft Office and other Windows Software
    Need to run Microsoft Office or Windows software in Ubuntu? Here's how you can do it, either using Wine or within a virtual machine using Sun VirtualBox:

    (15) Antivirus for Ubuntu

    (16) Ubuntu, VirtualBox & Virtualization

    (17) For More Advanced Users:

    Now that you are comfortably settled into Ubuntu and want to try your hand at something more advanced:

    (18) Installing/Using Chinese Fonts in Ubuntu

    (19) Tips For Power Users/Experts

    (20) Downloads/Apps for Ubuntu


    1. Does any of this tell you how to get Ubuntu to connect to your wireless set up that is already fully working under Windows I wonder?

    2. I have no problems connecting my Ubuntu systems to my wireless setup (Belkin Wireless N) that is fully working for Windows. Actually, Ubuntu systems connect automatically. My Windows XP systems need some tweaking. For Ubuntu (as is the case for any Linux distro), you might have to download the restricted hardware drivers (System > Administration > Hardware Drivers). My S10 netbook and Dell needed restricted Broadcomm drivers to be installed before Ubuntu is able to connect to wireless. This isn't the fault of Ubuntu, but of manufacturers not releasing their drivers under GPL. My ThinkPad doesn't have this problem as it uses 3-Com, which has an open driver. Hope this helps! Let me know if you want something more specific,