Friday, April 9, 2010

Lightweight Linux Distros

Looking for a lightweight Linux distro for your ancient computer or underpowered netbook?

TuxRadar recent tested the major lightweight Linux distros and proclaim Slitaz to be the winner. As for me, I used Damn Small Linux (DSL) in the past but have recently switched to using LXDE on an ancient (circa 2000) Toshiba Satellite laptop with 64 MB RAM.

Link: What's the Best Lightweight Linux Distro? (TuxRadar)


  1. I have a 2001 sony vaio, and I wonder if this product could help me get it to work almost as well as current laptops.

  2. "Looking for a lightweight Linux distro for your ancient computer..."

    I personally feel this question was addressed to me, as I won't deny that my PC is age-old. I badly need to change my processor because my unit is no longer working properly and worse, my electric bill is soaring because of the loading time.