Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blocking Adult Content From Your Home Network Using OpenDNS's Family Shield

Want to protect your kids from the web's seedy side but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing software-based web filters?

OpenDNS has launched a new service, i.e., the Family Shield that provides an easy way to block questionable content and the usual web filter workarounds using proxy servers, anonymizing tools, etc.

You could either set it up the easy way using on OpenDNS's Family Shield web page. For specific directions on how to fine tune your settings, see How-to Geek's handy explanation: Protect Your Kids Online Using OpenDNS

If you don't want to use OpenDNS's additional services or leery of registering and giving them your e-mail, you could always setup the Family Shield directly by entering the following IP addresses: (principal) (alternative)
in your router's or your OS's network configuration.

Don't know how to change your DNS server? Google has easy to understand instructions. Replace the principal and alternative Google numerical IP addresses with OpenDNS's Family Shield numerical IP addresses.

Open DNS's Family Shield
Protect Your Kids Online Using Open DNS (How-to Geek)

See also: Changing your Domain Name System (DNS) to OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.


  1. secondary IP address for DNS should be

  2. Thanks, anonymous for the alternative IP address.

  3. Or you can use DNS Angel v1.0 (Portable freeware)
    It will protect your family from inappropriate websites and will Block Porn Sites Automatically (without Installing any Software)