Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cheat Sheets/Quick References for Programmers & Developers

Link: DevCheatSheet.com

About this site (from the site's FAQ):
DevCheatSheet.com is a directory of free, technical cheat sheets and quick reference cards for developers, programmers, engineers, and nerds. Cheat sheets are aggregated from around the web into one centralized directory. All cheat sheets on DevCheatSheet.com are free and each has been manually reviewed to assure high quality. This site was created in 2009 by Tim Church. Every blog seemed to be doing its own "cheat-sheet roundup", but there was no good directory site for cheatsheets. Finding good reference cards was a challenge because Google often gives mediocre results (probably due to the many different names/keywords for cheat sheets) DevCheatSheet.com was created to fill this void and simplify the process of finding the best cheat sheets on the web.

My Take: An extremely comprehensive resource. Simply the best one-stop site to look for a cheat sheet or quick reference info. I have downloaded and used a variety of cheat sheets from this site. Highly recommended!

Link: DevCheatSheet.com

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