Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Using Ninite To Install Multiple Apps Simultaneously on Windows & Ubuntu

In an earlier blog post, Freeware Maintenance and Antimalware Software for Windows, I recommended freeware maintenance and antimalware software for Windows that I am using on my Windows systems.

It can be a hassle to install these software easily.

Enter Ninite Easy PC Setup for Windows, which allows you to install multiple apps at once without junkware (e.g., toolbars that you have to deselect) and multiple "Click Yes to Continue" screens. Pick the software or app you want from the list of 80+ that is conveniently sorted by category for your easy reference. Then click the "Get Installer" button and you are on your way.

If you are running Ubuntu, Ninite for Linux installs useful apps and software in the same manner as the Windows version. Just select the app(s) you want and click "Get Installer."

To update your Flash player (Windows or Ubuntu) in the same easy manner, visit Ninite's UpdateFlash.org site.


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