Friday, November 12, 2010

Recommended Firefox's Privacy Add-ons

Are you tired of ad networks, companies, etc. mining your browsing data? Worried about Flash supercookies, web bugs, etc?

One reason I continue to use Firefox, notwithstanding its memory leak, is its arsenal of powerful add-ons that allow me to control my browsing experience.

Here is what I have installed in my Firefox (on both Ubuntu and Windows platforms):
  • NoScript - My favorite tool for controlling javascript and protecting against cross-scripting, clickjacking and other exploits.

  • Better Privacy - Excellent tool to control Flash supercookies

  • Ghostery - Excellent tool to control web bugs that track page visits for data mining purposes.

  • HTTPS Everywhere - Forces Firefox to use secure browsing (https) to visit popular websites.

  • Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-out (TACO) - Provides granular control over ad networks mining your data. Allows you to block selected or all ad networks, etc.

  • Click & Clean - An easy-to-use one-click menu to delete private browsing data, internet history, etc. Works for the Windows version of Firefox only (Mac and Linux versions are forthcoming).

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