Monday, March 7, 2011

Dropbox & SugarSync: File Sharing in the Cloud

When friends ask me what I recommend for file sharing and syncing in the Cloud, I have no hesitation in recommending both Dropbox and SugarSync. Both are excellent and reliable cloud-based sites for syncing and sharing a variety of files and folders across a variety of platforms.

Here are my thoughts on why I use both services:

  • Dropbox is the granddaddy of file sharing in the cloud. It's well established and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In fact, I use Dropbox as my primary filesharing system because of the availability of a Linux client. Since I am running both Ubuntu and Windows on the various computers that I own, Dropbox allows me to sync files across my Ubuntu and Windows systems. The drawback is that Dropbox only offers a miserly 2 GB free storage and 250 MB per referral. They offer 2 paid plans: 50 GB for $9.99/month or $99/year, and 100 GB for $19.99/month or $199/year. For additional information on Dropbox, please refer to the earlier blog posts I have written about Dropbox in the Additional Links section below.

  • SugarSync is catching up fast with Dropbox. SugarSync offers multiple folder syncing across multiple platforms and its plans are more generous: a free 5 GB account with 500 MB per referral and paid plans that are significantly cheaper than Dropbox. One major drawback is that SugarSync currently does not offer a Linux-based client. As my main systems are running in Ubuntu, I use SugarSync mainly as a secondary backup for my Windows-based systems.

Interested to sign up for either or both of these services? If you use my referral links, you and I both get bonus storage space:
  • Dropbox - If you sign up through this this link, you get 250 MB of bonus space and I get 250 MB for the referral.

  • SugarSync - If you sign up through this link, you get 500 MB bonus space and I get 500 MB for the referral.


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