Sunday, April 10, 2011

Everything You Wanted To Know About Nokia, Symbian, Qt

Everything you wanted to know about Nokia, Symbian, Qt:

(1) Nokia Firmware/Apps:

(2) Symbian

(3) Qt Resources/Apps/Downloads

(4) Ovi / Nokia Store

(5) How To/FAQs

(6) For Nokia N8 Users

(7) General Blogs

(8) Resources for Unlocking Nokia Phones

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  1. Hey guys,
    The final release of Qt SDK 1.1. This final release is now ready for developers to submit apps to Ovi Store.
    Download Qt SDK 1.1 from:
    With the new features in the Qt SDK 1.1, developers can now publish high quality, graphically rich applications that will stand out on our latest range of Symbian devices.
    In addition to Qt Quick, the Qt SDK 1.1 includes map and navigation features, imaging features for camera and photo gallery access, notification API plug-ins and other enhancements that enable developers to provide access to user content on the device.